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Being an explorer, we had always thought, “Did we come to the right place?”, “Are we trapped?”, “Is there a way out?”, “Should I give up & go back?”& so on!.. Reading a novel is quite different from playing a live game! You get so bound to a game since you can feel virtual reality! Yeah, it is highly true that a teenager gets addicted to games just like shopping, flirting, texting ;) Sometimes we feel, “God, why did I start playing this game?”, “I can’t get this out of my mind!”. These thoughts happen to all of us at one point huh! To get rid of it is an unbelievable challenge!

You know what? I am an addicted gamer! To me, gaming is as equally important as my breakfast. I would never skip it :) And I thought, I lack something in the game. Is it the location? Is it the object? Or is it me? I then found out that I was fettish about my own thoughts. I want to see my mind on my game screen! Why not? If discovering a planet is possible, why not bring my thoughts to the live world? I never gave up! I kept trying and trying and I chose to design my own themes myself. I thought it might impress you!

Let me ask you something! Why should we give up when we have too many SKINS to make your game so interesting! I am here to create your virtual reality, let us get through this game together! I would make it a mind blowing experience as I went through the same phase of a gamer! Stay tuned to share my experience on how I discovered it all!


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