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Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Being a gamer, I know what is important in terms of Physical & Mental Health. I thought, why not share it with you! It really helps us in some way or the other. And to be very precise, I read that physical fitness & workouts will motivate us in our computer games! Weird, isn’t it!! Though, it is “THE FACT” indeed!

You definitely know that playing computer games is not going to help you keep your physical health in a proper shape. I wouldn’t say not to play computer games, being an addict myself, but to balance our mental and physical health, we should be involved in a few activities! How about I list them down for you? Let us start with our physical fitness!!

Here we go!

1. 10 Half Jacks

Kinda tired right? Of course, I know!. Relax for 30 seconds.

2. 10 Squats

That makes us a little flexible! Back to work in 30 seconds though.

3. 2 Plank Jump-Ins

Come on, don’t back off. Relax for 30 seconds and continue the next

4. 10 Flutter Jacks

That’s it! Not simple yet puts you back alive! Heads Up! You might have muscle pulling for a couple of days but don’t back off. You will become more flexible only if you continue this everyday! On the 5th day, you will feel more lively than before so hell yeah! Never give up, it hardly takes 15 minutes of your time everyday! You will thank me one day DUDE!

Now it is time for you to lie down flat and chill your eyes! Wrap the ice cubes in a cotton cloth and gently dab it onto both your eyes!

Ice definitely helps in rejuvenating your eyes! So don’t skip this heavenly feel!

Watch out this space for NEW RECIPE to restore your energy!

  1. Be Ready to Boil a Glass of Water

  2. Add Tea Bags, Chopped Lemons, Smashed Ginger, 2 Spoons of Honey

  3. Filter the Tea and Top it with Mint Leaves

  4. Sip & Enjoy the Flavor of the Energy Drink

Most importantly WHAT IF we are physically healthy but mentally down? That is why, I have made an EXCLUSIVE CHECKLIST for Mental Health too.

Ever felt lonely? You are not alone!

Managing your Emotions

Dealing with your feelings is really very important. As a gamer, managing your emotions plays a vital role. We get excited every time we move to the next level but we get pissed when we can’t cross a level. The transition of happiness to sadness and vice versa is not a gradual one rather it has too many emotions in between. Apart from being a gamer, let’s get back to normal life to see how to manage your emotions.

Take a deep breath, sit back, relax, and play the most difficult level of your favorite game. Don’t give up until you win the level for the second time. When you win, just have a cup of tea and know how successful you are! Winning a difficult level for the first time isn’t easy but winning the same level for the second time isn’t easy either. In fact, it is way too difficult the second time. Pat your back and realize that you are a champ! Never ever give up!! Focus on your strengths more than your weaknesses!

Release your Stress

Besides games, stress has been a part of our life cycle. Gaming itself is a stressbuster as you know! Yet, take time for yourself to sit back, relax, by keeping away your phones and other devices. Just stretch your legs on your favorite sofa, have a little warm water, close your eyes and stay calm for quite some time. Once you feel bored of relaxing, get back to work! You are ready for it!

Reduce your Addiction

Addiction! It has always been a puzzle in our life, isn’t it? Being a gamer, we easily get addicted to games, right? Getting too addicted might affect our professional & personal life. We don’t spend too much time with our family but are stuck with our gaming world! I am still trying to find an alternative to avoid getting addicted to games! Yet, I have a few suggestions that might help us though! Here it is, but trust me, it is really hard to do this! While the game gets too interesting and exciting, just pause it and take a break. Stay away from the game for quite some time and once you lose that interest, get back, start the game and just play!!

Control your Frustration

Don’t tell me that you never get frustrated with games! We sure do! :)

Lately, I went through studies that talk about frustration! But it never gives an accepted solution to get rid of it. Of course I agree, we definitely can’t get over it so easily.

A little tip off the records! Use Humor to release your tension, didn’t expect that coming, right? Well, it's funny but very effective! Trust me, you will soon get used to staying away from frustration when you replace it with your humor. Be it a game or a part of life, stay humorous!

I ain’t an expert though! So, I would like to see your participation and contribution towards Physical and Mental Health. If you do, I really expect you to send your tips so I can add it to my blog and keep everyone healthy! Small tip can make a big change, right?

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