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Minecraft Survival can be interesting, particularly on the off chance that you are still new to the universe of Minecraft. Here are 13 Minecraft Survival Tips to assist you with dominating the game.

Be cautious where you dig

Digging underground in Minecraft is consistently unsafe as it can uncover lava or mine-shafts. The more terrible thing to do is dig directly down. All things considered, use staircases to avoid any digging dangers. On the off chance that you out of nowhere wind up confronted with lava, you can rapidly stop the stream by utilizing blocks like cobblestone.

Get yourself some obsidian

In the event that you need to arrive at the Nether quickly, obsidian is the most ideal way to ensure you gather it as fast as you can. You can build a portal even without a pickaxe.

Breed cows over pigs

On the off chance that you should pick among cows and pigs, pick cows. In spite of the fact that the two of them yield meat, cows will likewise yield milk and leather making them more advantageous to you and your crafting journey.

Don't simply burn coal

In spite of the fact that coal is the undeniable decision, it isn't the only fuel source accessible. Planks and sticks in addition to other things would all be able to be burned in a furnace.

Follow the sun and moon in the event that you get lost

Be aware of where the sun and moon are. This is particularly helpful when you are in an unidentified location. Regardless of what biome you are in, the sun and moon will rise in the East and Set in the West. Utilize this trick to consistently know which course you are travelling.

Continuously be watching out for mobs

Stay vigilant. Each mob can be defeated in a slightly unique fighting style. You can likewise defeat a ton of mobs by utilizing cacti or lava, so remember that. It is amazingly simple for mobs to sneak up on you. Although some mobs have audio cues as hints that they are nearby. For good measure, look around regularly to ensure you have no mobs surrounding you.

Craft several items at a time

You are not restricted to crafting one item at a time. It is feasible to construct several tools in one go which is a huge time saver.

Gather Torches

Torches are something you should attempt to get from the beginning and have as many as possible. No one can tell when you will be in a circumstance where torches will be vital, particularly if you find yourself in a cave. They light up the area instantly and they can likewise break down sand and gravel meaning you don't need to utilize a shovel. You also don’t know when you will run out, so ensure you have a good stock level.

Don’t try to do too much

Try not to attempt to do a lot by running or jumping, your hunger levels can increase quickly. You will have to explore finding more food which might cost you more time and resources.

Stay away from skeletons

In spite of the fact that there are a few mobs you ought to be careful about, the skeletons can cause the most issues, so attempt to stay away from them wherever possible when you start with survival mode. Skeletons are incredibly precise and can kill you rapidly so when you see one, run.

Get experience points

In the event that you need to advance and start enchanting, you will require experience. You can acquire this experience through mobs, breeding and mining certain materials like coal, emerald and nether quartz.

Continuously watch out for your equipment

Always ensure you have basic equipment in your inventory, you will get to know quickly what essentials you need. Having these in your inventory will give you peace of mind and means you don’t have to return home to restock as often. You can also have “too much” when it comes to useful resources.

Stay above ground whenever possible

The last of our Minecraft Survival tips is to stay above ground if possible. Although you will still be threatened by mobs above ground, what lies beneath in the catacombs can bring even more challenges. These are best to be avoided until you become more familiar with survival mode.

Hopefully, these Minecraft survival tips will help you get to grips with survival mode quickly and allow you to progress further.

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